Saturday, August 26, 2017

The anthology "The Realm of the Impossible"

Two days ago, was released in the US an anthology - curated by John Pugmire and Brian Skupin -  I collaborated  with a my locked room  story.
The anthology  “The Realm of the Impossible” contains only stories with Impossible Murders or Locked Rooms  .  I’m here with the De of my surname transformed into the noble prefix de: another act of kindness overseas?  Anyway, I’m that Pietro de Palma, author of The Barese Mystery.
The story that was chosen in the context of a rose I provided on request, had as a prerequisite not to be too long: it had to contain the elements of folklore or landscaping so as to identify a certain place of a certain nation. The Barese Mystery, of course, speaks about  an impossible crime with Locked Room in Bari (the italian city where is the great St. Nicholas Church and his grave).

I had to turn my long story, about forty pages, which had a fantastic and rational double ending, "as Carr," written in the days when Igor Longo – a great student of locked rooms - and I had intense friendships: I remember he liked it very much, and said that it was involved in such works by H. Resnicow or K. Wilhelm. Then I had to translate it into English.  
Thank John and Brian for choosing me.  
In Italy a lot of my stories have been published, as on web as on paper: almost every story has Locked Room  or Impossible Murder. Who reads my articles knows the writer I like very much is J.D.Carr.
The biggest surprise I received this morning when John sent me the list of other authors, was to be with P. Halter, U. Durling, E. Hoch, S. Shimada, C. Brand, M.D. Post, F.W. Crofts, E. Peters, the only Italian to be chosen. I must say in all honesty that the thing has made me a huge pleasure. If had been J.D.Carr, I would be in heaven.

Pietro De Palma

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