Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vindry's novels translated in english

Vindry was one among the best writer of French Locked rooms of '30.
Today his novels are rare, very much. And so, few persons could read his novels if someone didn't translate them in english. In italian were translated two novels, a lot of years ago.
Actually, only John Pugmire translates novels by Vindry
He has already translated a Vindry's masterpiece, La Maison qui tue: The House That Kills


It has been published another Vindry's novel - La Bête hurlante - translated by John: The Howling Beast

It's a novel I have tried for a lot of years, very rare in french.
I can not wait to read it.
It has a very beautiful locked room . A masterpiece.
Soon on this blog, the analysis of The House That Kills by Noel Vindry.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. You have me intrigued and keen to read these books.

  2. I'm giving him a second shot with THE HOWLING BEAST. Sounds very much like something Carr would write. Vindry's reputation must be based on something ingenious or at least original. It certainly wasn't THE HOUSE THAT KILLS, which is very derivative of Zangwill and Leroux. I hated that one.

  3. John, I don't say You aren't right. I say only one thing: few writers have invented something original. You see for example the first murder of Whistle Up The Devil by Derek Smith: also that is based on an idea by Carr ( The Peacock Feather Murders ). I have read another novel by Vindry, Le Piège aux diamants, I have already construed in this blog: I can tell you that is a wonderful novel, that presents an extraordinary invention, which then will be in Christie. Just that everyone knows "Evil Under the Sun" and very few "Le Piège aux diamants".

  4. Another great french writer of Locked rooms of '30 was Pierre Boileau. I'm reading a beautiful novel by Boileau, with a locked room in the bath. Crazy situation: a bathroom between two rooms, one door was locked inside by a bolt, the other guarded by Brunel, and the third, a window, impractical because there was the Count firing just anyone dared look out from it. The man inside, opens the bath tap and ... disappears.
    I want to see how the whole thing will be explained