Monday, October 8, 2012

My new short essay or long article about John Dickson Carr, on "Blog del Giallo Mondadori":

A few minutes ago was published in the "Blog of the Giallo Mondadori" my new short essay or long article - if you prefer - about Carr:

The great writer, who is also my favorite, I have devoted more essays, including one about "The Third Bullet", another about "The first four Bencolin's stories", and yet another, very long, in three parts, on "The History of Locked-Room Lecture in The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr."

The latter writing takes into exam ethical aspects of Carr, examining his wonderful story: "King Arthur's Chair", and presenting an alternative reading of it and, I believe, stimulating
In the future, I could present it in this blog, but for the moment, to read it you need to know the Italian language  or help with web translators.

Pietro De Palma

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